Jack Mason Live

     "I never chose music. Music chose me and grabbed me in my early childhood. To say that permanently I fell in love is an understatement. I was born from a couple of missionary parents who belonged to an interdenominational group that called themselves "The Family". They had an international spread and music was present in absolutely every piece of our lives. From daily morning devotions to fund raising and parties. Everything had music in it. We had a classical music teacher in the community and at the age of 5 I started learning the flute. Gladly that didn't fly! lol I can appreciate any instrument that is well played but the guitar is now an extension of my body".


     2017/2018 #1 artist in Texas according to Reverbnation.com for months straight, Jack Mason has played and sang all over the globe. Jack is a passionate musician, singer producer and song writer. He has the electric guitar as his main instrument, owns a strong and striking voice and puts a ton of energy into shows. He has been performing professionally for over 10 years now. On his records he sings main vocals, harmonies and plays most instruments in a very diverse musical print. Currently living in Dallas, Tx, Jack has a weekly agenda of 6/7 shows. Music is his "day job". He can easily float between the genres of Blues, Country, Rock, pop and latin music in a style of his own where he plays his guitar in a unique way and sings in such a passionate way that folks at his show always claim to me amazed.